So my back and neck have been aching for a couple of years, and steadily getting worse, so I convinced my better half to purchase us a memory foam mattress which I have read good things about. I picked up a “3rd generation super deluxe memory foam mattress” (long but cool name!) from Zen Bedrooms…

It arrived two weeks ago – First thing was I’m amazed at how the mattress comes in a box. When I got it I assumed it was the wrong product, even though it was labelled correctly as the product I ordered. BUT – I was reassured by email this was my product. So I nervously opened it up and POOF! like a genie from a lamp my mattress sprung out like magic.

It took a few hours to go from say 90% to 100% expanded, but it felt great right away. When you sit down on it, they feel a bit too squishy but this I guess is because all your weight goes through the one area. When you lie down it’s like the mattress knows where your pressure areas are and shapes perfectly to support you. It’s really a cool, if at first strange, feeling!

What I have noticed is that I move around less, maybe because I don’t get tingly arms like I used to, also there is less pressure on my hips and back when sleeping.

I think memory foam mattresses are the way to go if you have issues with sleep, or pain when you wake up. They feel different, obviously, from spring ones, but this one from Zen I like a lot (not that I have much to compare it with, apart from one I tried in a store for 5 minutes).

I have seen offers for Zen and I got mine on a discount email they sent after I bought a full price duvet and linen set (which was also nice, if a little expensive). From